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Find The Vinyl Plank Color Floors You Love

One of the most important parts of selecting a brand new floor is finding a color you love. Luxury vinyl flooring comes in hundreds of color options and patterns that range from wood look to tile and marble. Each vinyl plank collection can give your home unified warm, cool, or neutral tones. You can find warm honey oak vinyl floor that will fill your home with rich color or a deep brown vinyl plank that is traditional and ageless. There is a luxury vinyl plank floor for everyone.

Find a luxury plank color floor that you like. Our process is simple and easy. We will schedule an estimate and bring you the flooring colors that interest you the most. There is no pressure to choose which floor you like on the spot. You can sleep on the flooring samples and see how you feel about installing them a day or week later. Flooring is a long term investment and sometimes it takes a little more than love at first sight with your floor.

Phoenix's Best Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Company

What makes Phoenix Flooring Company one of the best flooring businesses? Our knowledge comes from a variety of luxury vinyl products first hand. Our flooring installations have been valley wide as we have been used by many flooring stores to do their flooring installations. We don't use subcontracted labor for your luxury vinyl install. Our vinyl plank installations are done by our family who has been installing flooring in the Greater Phoenix Area for over two decades. The vinyl plank products we source and sell are top quality and are products we can stand behind. 

We lead the flooring industry by carrying premium LVP products and by not including middlemen to do our installations. You can turn an outdated home into a modern look for a fraction of the cost without having to have the mess of a tile installation or the cost of traditional hardwood floors. There are many flooring advantages when in comes to vinyl plank flooring and one of them is that it fits most peoples budgets and quality of product isn't sacrificed.

What are the advantages of choosing Luxury Vinyl Floors?

One of the biggest advantages of luxury plank flooring is that they meet most families high traffic requirements and they are budget friendly. A lot of flooring shoppers go into the flooring store and are considering carpet and walk out with new vinyl plank floors. Why do they turn their back on carpet? Well from a budget standpoint carpet is a cheaper option than vinyl flooring but in the bigger picture of your flooring carpet is more expensive. Ask yourself "How many times you have to replace carpet?" or "How many time do I have to rent a carpet cleaner?" and you start to realize that most carpets just go bad after 3-5 years. Kids and pets can make big messes on your carpet and after some time it's just time to replace your carpet whether you love it or not. Some households just can't sustain them with high traffic and the short term savings of carpet isn't worth it. Luxury plank vinyl flooring is here and is a lot more affordable than having to install wood flooring or tile.

The best parts of choosing luxury plank are:

  • LVP is 100% waterproof and great flooring for areas where you have spill and sometimes forget about

  • Durable flooring and highly resistant to dents and scratches on your vinyl plank 

  • Vinyl plank is very pet friendly flooring

  • Easy installation flooring for DIY projects

  • LVP/LVT mimics wood floors, marble, and tile

  • Vinyl can be installed directly on top of level subfloor

  • Planks are perfect for installing in every room of your home

  • Luxury Vinyl is affordable and easy to clean

  • LVP is as close to childproof flooring as you will find on the market

For over two decades our family has been installing flooring and what was once a highly competitive laminate market has now turned into a highly competitive vinyl plank market for flooring. Why? Simply because it's waterproof and has an advantage that laminate simply can't hold water the same amount of time and that includes waterproof laminate products.

What is luxury vinyl and what makes it a good floor?

A lot of flooring trends come and a lot of floors die out and are never seen again. LVP products are not one of these flooring trends that is going to disappear. In fact, over the past decade the quality of these products has increased due to the simple demand of vinyl flooring. One of the most notable improvements in vinyl flooring is the locking systems have become a lot more reliable. A good quality vinyl plank floor is going to be floated and unlike glued down wood or tinset mortar holding down tile the only thing holding together LVP is it's locking system. For these reasons Phoenix Flooring Company doesn't sell every product available on the market. 

Our luxury vinyl plank collections include products that come with FloorScore Certified and Uniclic Patented Technology. It's important to keep the air quality in your home high so we offer no ortho phthalates products. We use high quality products to meet the highest standards. If you have questions about your luxury vinyl project please contact us. We want to help you find a floor that meets your needs and make you feel happy about the flooring project you did with us. 

Cost of Vinyl Plank Floors and Installation

There are many factors to consider when you start looking for new LVP/LVT flooring but the biggest questions is "How much is it going to cost to get new vinyl plank floors?" and for that we will guide you on a few things you should consider.

  • Is the jobsite prepped for installation? You can save yourself some money on your project if you know how to remove and dispose of your carpet, pad, tack, tile, and any other flooring.

  • What is the size of the project you are doing and the type of vinyl being installed?

  • Project timeline doesn't change the price of the project but putting off the project sometimes changes the price our distributors charge for the product and with flooring tariffs we are not able to always hold the same price 6 months later. One way is to purchase material and avoid increases that might come 6-12 months later on your floors.

  • We don't charge to get your project done in phases. We can finish area by area but please let us know so we can schedule ahead accordingly. We are a small business but we work all over the state of Arizona. The picture to the right is a flooring project we completed for a customer in Flagstaff.

  • Let us know what your needs and budget are. 

Flagstaff Vinyl Plank Install

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Near Scottsdale, AZ

We know we can't make it out to every part of town the same day but we look to service Arizona cities with the most popular flooring in the industry. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is as hot as the summers of Arizona and they only seem to be getting hotter. Please rain more Arizona! Just not on our floors! Not because LVP can't take it but just so you don't have to clean them. I'm no poet but if I was to write a poem it would go; Roses are red, violets are blue, LVP is as popular as microbrews. That's a bad poem it's probably because we are not writers so let us be your professional flooring experts because that's what we are best at. 

Whether you live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tucson, or even Flagstaff you can request a free estimate for your flooring project. You can give a call at (480) 818-0552 or you can shoot us over an e-mail in our contact form. We offer a full flooring scope of work for residential and commercial flooring projects and we are going to do your flooring correctly at Phoenix Flooring Company LLC. 

LVP Flooring
Head over to our luxury vinyl plank flooring page to read about your flooring options. It is filled with information to help you select a floor that is right for you.
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