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Find The Flooring That Is Right For You

Have you just started the journey of picking out your new floors? We understand choosing the next flooring to put in your home is difficult but we are here to help you make a smart decision. Each flooring has some pros and cons and we will showcase some of them in your path to selecting a perfect floor. We are going to breakdown each flooring type and give a simple summary to guide you. The rating system is based 1-4 with one being the least and four being the most.

Light Oak Hardwood Floors

Wood Flooring Options

Solid Wood - made up of real wood and most commonly sold as 3/4". Solid hardwood is beautiful and with proper care will outlive most homeowners. These floors can be sanded and refinished multiple times throughout their life and colors can be changed without having to change your entire floor. Solid wood cannot be installed below grade and the installation costs are more expensive and longer than engineered wood. Real wood floors will increase your home value. The options to choose from are endless as solid wood comes in domestic and exotic species. 

Material and Installation Cost: $$$ - $$$$ 

Engineered Hardwood - is made from real wood and is engineered on a wood veneer. Engineered wood is known for being stable and highly durable. It's a sustainable product and like solid wood a good quality engineered hardwood can be sanded and refinished multiple times. Unlike solid wood these floors can be installed in below grade settings. This is not the most common for places like Arizona which rarely have basements but engineered is the most installed hardwood in Arizona due to it's stability. The moisture and temperature changes from winter to summer make engineered a great option. The engineered wood installation is typically cheaper and shorter compared to solid wood floors.

Material and Installation Cost: $$-$$$$

Floating Flooring Options

Luxury Vinyl Plank - vinyl plank flooring is a great option for nearly all homeowners. It's made of a vinyl composite and engineered to look like real wood but also comes in LVT which is made to look like tile, stone, or marble. Vinyl plank floors are 100% waterproof and are great for homes with high traffic, kids, and pets. They are also a lot more affordable than both hardwood flooring and tile options. They don't have 100 year life like solid wood but good quality vinyl plank will last for a long time. They can also be installed in every room in your home.

Material and Installation Cost: $$ - $$$ 

Laminate Flooring - is made out of wood material unlike vinyl flooring which has no wood. Laminate floors are a lot thicker and provide an added noise dampening compared to vinyl but most laminate flooring is not waterproof so it would not be recommended in areas like bathrooms where there might be sitting water for a period of time. Laminate flooring is also a lot more dense so it's more durable than LVP. They are very sustainable floors and are pet and kid friendly options because they are easy to clean. Pricing is similar to most vinyl products and depends on AC1 to AC5 grade.

Material and Installation Cost: $$-$$$

Floating LVP Flooring
Bathroom Tile

Tile Flooring Options

Ceramic Tile - one of the most popular tile options on the market. It's been installed in hot climates due to it's coolness properties of being made from clay. It is relatively a hard material just not as hard as porcelain. It's downfall is that it absorbs more so you might have more cleaning to do over porcelain.

Material and Installation Cost: $$ - $$$$ 

Porcelain Tile - is known as the durable option due to it being less porous than ceramic and is harder and denser. It's perfect for any area of your home from the indoors to outdoors and can be used for your countertops. The toughness requires a wet saw and is typically more expensive than ceramic. It's highly durable and difficult to damage. The disadvantages are grout lines which will get dirty and need to be cleaned throughout the years by a professional.

Material and Installation Cost: $$$-$$$$

Natural Stone - these are typically marble, travertine, granite and other natural stones. They are great options for your walls, showers, floors, and countertops. They are highly desired by many homeowners are are usually considered on the higher end of the price spectrum. They can last for a lifetime and can be a beautiful option for any homeowner.

Material and Installation Cost: $$$-$$$$

Affordable Flooring Options

Carpet - is a very affordable option for most homeowners. In fact, carpet is the most sold flooring in every home. There is almost no home in America without a carpet in one room or another. With different fiber options to choose from you can find affordable options that will last for a few years or long term options that can last over a decade. The price is going to vary a lot and a good quality pad will make the most out of your carpet.

Material and Installation Cost: $ - $$$ 

Sheet Vinyl - is not a very popular item in the market today but it was once the hottest item of the 50's and 60's. There are still a lot of homes with sheet vinyl due to it's durability and it being cost effective. 

Material and Installation Cost: $-$$

Rubber Gym Flooring - rubber flooring is a great choice to put in a room where you are lifting weights or getting in a workout. It's a soft material and is highly durable. There are many color options and installation types varying from floating click to glue down.

Material and Installation Cost: $$-$$$

Carpet in Bedroom
Schedule An Estimate In Phoenix and Scottsdale For Your New Flooring 

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