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Arizona's First Bitcoin Flooring Store Business

We are proud to announce that Phoenix Flooring Company LLC is now accepting Bitcoin cryptocurrency. We know the market is growing and you are looking to spend your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We are leading the way in the Arizona small business community to allow a new form of acceptance to exchange our flooring services. 

As with changing times we hope to grow with the flooring community and many other Arizona local businesses. Our small family owned and operated flooring business wants to encourage everyone to be able to spend their Bitcoin in the local Arizona community. We want to build a market of trust and growth. We want to bring out Flooring Specials and bring innovation to our industry and our community.

Image by André François McKenzie

Phoenix Flooring Bitcoin Specials

Phoenix Flooring Company LLC allows customers to pay for their invoices in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Digital currency acceptance is moving in a forward direction. Please call us today to ask about how you can use your Bitcoin cryptocurrency to purchase brand new hardwood, laminate, vinyl plank, carpet, and tile flooring. As Arizona's first Bitcoin flooring business we want to lead the way and bring acceptance to paying for your goods. We hope many other businesses move in this direction moving forward.

How can we help you spend your Bitcoin? Just ask us to give you an estimate in Bitcoin! Don't have enough Bitcoin? No problem we can accept partial payments as well. Our goal is to be pioneers in the movement and be one of the first Bitcoin accepted businesses in Arizona.

Image by Pickawood

Why should I spend my Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrency at your flooring store?

We will give you incentive to spend your Bitcoin cryptocurrency with Phoenix Flooring Company. You might go back in tomorrow and buy more Bitcoin if you can purchase flooring for more than a 1 for 1 transaction. You will be able to purchase your new wood, laminate, carpet, tile, and lvp for a better price. We want to bring a change to the flooring industry and local businesses. We want to encourage others to spend their Bitcoin locally and accept it locally as a form of payments for flooring services and other things.

Trust is important in business and especially local and growing Arizona businesses. Where can we find services that we didn't previously have available to us? With each new year we hope to bring more from Phoenix Flooring Company.

Bitcoin Flooring and Donating Back Into Arizona Charities

After you pay for your floors we will take a small portion of Bitcoin and donate it back into Arizona charities that are also accepting it to start a movement for Bitcoin acceptance. We want to encourage other local businesses to do the same. One small bitcoin payment at a time! Let's change the way we install flooring for Arizona families.

Where to spend Bitcoin in Phoenix, AZ?

Well that's a good question. We don't quite know ourselves as a Arizona Small Business. As of today this is still a new movement and we hope to be a start of it . We hope that many stores and clients can shop safely in the coming years using their crypto investments. We will work with other Arizona retailers to help build a network and give customers the market they not only want but deserve.

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