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Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation

Phoenix Flooring Company offers engineered wood floor installation and sales services. Our selection of wood flooring includes top flooring brand names such as Kahrs, Reward Hardwood, California Classics, The Mission Collection, and more! We offer wood floor install services along with hardwood sanding, wood flooring repairs, and hardwood refinishing. Our wood floor installations have serviced the Phoenix area for over two decades and we are a go to Arizona hardwood floors contractor. For a full list of our hardwood flooring options please give us a call and schedule an estimate.

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Why choose engineered wood flooring for your Arizona home?

What makes engineered hardwood a great choice for you Arizona home? Engineered wood flooring is a great option for your home because it's highly durable and it is made out of real wood. The veneer is engineered and installed on a plywood which is made up of multiple layers to give protection and durability to your floors for decades to come. Top quality engineered flooring can be sanded and refinished and prior to selecting your new engineered wood floors you should consider the veneer quality and size to see how many potential floor sanding you can look forward to. 

The engineered wood flooring installation process is quicker, cleaner, and more affordable than solid wood flooring. The stability of engineered wood flooring offers less wood contracting and expanding. Engineered hardwood is a great option because it will last for decades and will increase your homes value. The quality of engineered hardwood has increased and distinctions between solid and engineered flooring is difficult to tell even for professional flooring contractors.

Hardwood Flooring Installation Services in Phoenix, AZ

Wood flooring services provided by Phoenix Flooring Company:

  • Hardwood Installation with adhesive, floating, or nail method

  • Wood floor sanding and refinishing

  • Gym or Sports flooring

  • Solid Hardwood Installation

  • Hardwood removal and disposal

  • Wood flooring medallions

  • Antique wood flooring

  • Reclaimed hardwood flooring

  • Residential and commercial wood flooring

  • Prefinished hardwood installation

  • Unfinished wood floor installation

  • Hardwood Stairs and stair tread installation

  • Custom wood flooring projects

  • Decorative hardwood flooring installation

Engineered Wood Floors in Scottsdale Hom

Learn About The Wood Flooring Install Process

You've chosen your brand new hardwood floors and are excited to move forward with your home renovation. What happens after you pick your wood flooring? Phoenix Flooring Company places your order for your hardwood floors and we choose an installation date that works with you. We offer installation dates for any dates in the week or weekend. We understand that every household isn't on the same schedule and want to be able to accommodate your needs. Yes, if you have a restaurant or commercial space you would like installed afterhours we can accommodate! Our wood flooring installation includes adhesive for glue down hardwood installs and will be provided for your install. Once it's your installation date we show up and do your flooring demolition and get started on your wood flooring project. Our business is family owned and operated with over 20 years of installations in the Phoenix area so you know you are in good hands. We have produced high quality work and are the premier flooring installation company in Arizona.


Do you need to phase out your home renovations? Ask us about scheduling your hardwood installation in phases. Our entire hardwood flooring installation process is quick and hassle free. Our wood installations are done by our family and you will not be sent a random subcontractor or certified installers. We are the same company who will give you your flooring estimate, install your flooring, and come collect the payment. No middlemen and straight to the point. If you have any questions about your future flooring installation please give us a call at 480-818-0552 or send us a question in our contact form.

Upgrade Your Hardwood Flooring Package

Beautiful hardwood flooring will change your home for decades to come. Wood flooring is known to increase your homes value and resale values increase with hardwood flooring. Now that you have chosen hardwood flooring you can change other features in your project.

Do you have old carpet on your stairs? Ask us for an estimate to get wood flooring on your stairs. We offer many designs when it comes to hardwood flooring on stairs. It will change your home and your love for your stairs.

Are the baseboards the same ones that were put into your home in the 80's? Ask us about how much it would cost to update your baseboard and upgrade up to 5 inch baseboards. Most customers say this is their favorite change that they had not considered. There is a large selection of baseboard to choose from and sizes that will fit for every home.

Do you enjoy a centerpiece when you walk into a home? A hardwood medallion is a perfect piece of art to showcase your love for your flooring. We have installed medallions for years and look forward to doing more hardwood medallions.

Hardwood Flooring With New Baseboard
Hardwood Stairs With White Risers
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Learn Below About Wood Flooring Installation and Hardwood Maintenance Services

Our family owned and operated flooring business at Phoenix Flooring Company LLC is different than most flooring stores in Arizona. We provide all the same engineered flooring services but direct contact with the installation team. We are more than just family owned and operated because we don't rely on a 3rd party to do our installations. We don't have installation crews sign a piece of paper that says we are "certified" to install for this business. There is no sugar coating who you are dealing with from the start to the end of your project. We have been installers for over two decades and over 1,000,000 square feet of flooring. We have installed high quality products and that is why our selection of engineered hardwood does not showcase every product on the market. We are more than a salesman but also your installers. You can call us at (480) 818-0552 or reach out to us by our contact form. We are proud to service your next hardwood flooring project and are happy to answer your wood flooring questions.

Guide To Hardwood Flooring Maintenance
Keep your hardwood floorings looking like new for decades to come. Follow some of our tips for caring and maintaining your wood floors for years to come.
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Why choose hardwood flooring for your home? Check out our hardwood flooring page to find your new beautiful wood floors and to use Arizona's best hardwood floor company.
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