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Our Hardwood Installation Process Guide

You have selected a wood floor that is beautiful and ready to be installed. There are a few different wood floor installation methods depending on your home but a common Arizona hardwood floor installation method is a glue down. The other Arizona wood floor installations are floating and nail down installs. The manufacture outlines which methods can be used for your floor and hardwood installation prices may vary depending on the additional work of each. Our installations will meet the requirements and provide you with brand new beautiful hardwood floors.

Before Your Hardwood Floor Install

You are looking for a smooth and problem free installation on our wood flooring project. We are going to cover a few things that will ensure your hardwood floors are installed properly and without trouble to you or the installer.

  • Installed prices usually are for prepped floors so be sure that all existing flooring has been removed and disposed of. Make sure you check with the flooring contractor if this is part of your estimate.

  • Choose which way you would like to run your hardwood flooring. The most common way for a lot of homes is front to back installations from your front door to your back. Some homes have different flooring layouts and may desire a different installation. Ask your installer for recommendations if you are unsure. If you choose to run your floor diagonal or in decorative form such as herringbone install please not these are usually additional charges.

  • Understand the furniture moving process. Decide if you are going to move the furniture yourself or if the installation team is going to move the furniture. We do move furniture but we do not move specialty items such as pianos, pool tables, or highly valuable items. Be sure to remove all fragile items from the floors and walls.

  • To protect your hardwood floors you will want to ensure you paint prior to install but you will need to touchup baseboards and other small spots like door jams and walls after the installation. Usually flooring that is taken out and new flooring that is installed are not the same height so minor touchups might be needed.

Hardwood Flooring For Home Living Room
Affordable Hardwood Flooring

During Your Hardwood Floor Install

Installation day is here for your wood flooring. Let's cover the important aspects of your wood installation and the process to long lasting and quality wood floors for decades to come.

  • Our installation team will take a look at the flooring product upon the delivery and inspect it for any issues or damaged wood planks. If the flooring has been removed prior it will be easy to tell if the subfloor may require any additional preparation. It is not uncommon in Arizona to have damaged subfloor due to a lot of expansive soil. Proper subfloor prep is required to ensure your wood flooring will not fail.

  • There will be an inspection of the subfloor and moisture check of the subfloor and hardwood flooring. Proper acclimation is important especially in solid wood products. Stable temperatures within the house will be important to preserving your wood flooring for years to come.

  • We will follow manufacture guidelines depending on your wood floor product. Installation will be done to top industry standard. Some products require a mix and match of boxes to keep a variety of colors and other don't require anything. Each hardwood flooring is unique but our installations are done with quality and care.

After The Wood Flooring Installation and The Future Of Your Hardwood Floors

Phoenix Flooring Company LLC has completed your installation. We offer a guide to care after your hardwood flooring and some tips to leave your hardwood looking like new for decades. Hardwood is an easy floor to upkeep and save you the headache of having to think about your old carpet. For additional information check out our hardwood links below. If there are any additional questions you may have please contact us and let us know about any other recommendations whether it's about questions before the installation or during. If you just need an estimate of your hardwood floor repair please give us a call at (480) 818-0552 or reach out to us online on our contact form.

Guide To Hardwood Flooring Maintenance
Keep your hardwood floorings looking like new for decades to come. Follow some of our tips for caring and maintaining your wood floors for years to come.
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Why choose hardwood flooring for your home? Check out our hardwood flooring page to find your new beautiful wood floors and to use Arizona's best hardwood floor company.
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